Why Do I Get So Excited When He Texts Me?

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You’re in the other room doing something, and suddenly, you hear that Ding notifies you that there is a text that has just come through. Your heart begins to race, and you rush to the phone, hoping that it’s him. Why is it so exciting when he texts you?

To understand why you get so excited, you have to understand a little about scientific ideas and how your brain releases chemicals into your body. 

When you’re excited about something that is not your everyday typical run-of-the-mill thing, your brain gets excited and releases several neurochemicals into your body. 

To help you understand why you get so excited, we thought we’d take a deeper dive into it and discuss everything you need to know about the excitement level you get when that text comes through from someone you are attracted to.


Why Does It Happen?

Your brain has systems set into it to help your body react to the outside world. For example, when you are doing a positive activity or something you’re excited about, there are neurochemicals-dopamine and endorphins-that are released into your body.

Dopamine is key in defining how your body experiences pleasure and is one of the main things that causes us to seek out the things we love. 

These one-of-a-kind or novel situations, like a text from someone you’re attracted to, release tons of dopamine into your body, and this gives you a sense of excitement and an almost orgasmic-like effect. 

Endorphins are responsible for things like running high or your positive reaction to any outside stimuli that is pleasant that is new, whether that be bad or good. 

It is the neurochemicals responsible for things like running high or bursts of strength when you feel threatened. 

But in this situation, when you’re receiving a text from someone you love, it will give you a feeling of confidence and optimism and make you happy.

How Long Does It Last?

Excitement about individuals texting you, no matter who your partner is, is something that frequently happens within what most people call “the honeymoon phase.” Typically this feeling is going to take. How long is that?

For some, this period lasts a short period of time, like six months, and for other relationships, it’s going to last two years. 

Of course, the phase will eventually end, and you’ll settle into a routine, but that’s not necessarily bad. It just means you might be less excited to get his text than you were in the beginning.


How Do You Tell If He Likes You Over Text?

Getting excited is one thing, but it’s even more intense when you’re sure that he likes you. But not being face to face, you have a lack of body language and queues you can pick up on to tell if he likes you. So how do you tell if he likes you over text?

Here are a few signs that you can look for in texts to see if he likes you:


  • Quick responses
  • Uses flirty emojis
  • Consistently text throughout the day
  • Uses a nickname
  • Texts in the morning when he wakes up and at night before he goes to bed
  • Creates inside jokes with you
  • Constantly compliments you
  • Wants to know about your day
  • Texts random things to make you laugh


How Often Should a Guy Text If He Likes You?

It really depends on the guy himself. If he is overly talkative, more texts may come your way. But on average, unless you have started an in-depth conversation, receiving 3 -5 messages a day would be a good sign.

This amount of texts throughout the day is a good indication that he is consistently thinking of you. Whether they be straightforward tax or just random memes that he thinks you’ll find funny, any type of communication in this frequency could be a sign that he likes you.


How Do You Make Him Addicted To You With Text Messages?

If you’re unsure if he likes you, but you have a deep attraction to him, you may want to entice him to become more interested. There are ways that you can make someone addicted to you even when you’re not face-to-face. Here are a few ideas:


  • Don’t always answer texts immediately
  • Stay positive
  • Send him funny memes or texts randomly
  • Be flirty
  • Be complimentary
  • Try to ask him interesting questions about himself


Final Thoughts on Why Do You Get So Excited When He Texts Me

Anytime you are attracted to someone and get attention from them, it can be exciting. When you receive a text from him you’re excited because your brain is reacting to being happy and an exciting event. 

The chemicals released produce that rush of excitement because not only is it pleasurable but also new.

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