Where Can Couples Go For Privacy?

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Couples face to face and close to each other - Where Can Couples Go For Privacy?

It can be challenging to find a place where you and your partner can enjoy one another’s company, especially if you both have hectic work schedules. But, if you are looking for a way to spice things up outside the bedroom, you might wonder where couples can go for privacy.

Finding a secluded place where you will not be interrupted is easier than you think. Whether you are heating things up in a dark movie theater or getting handsy in the backseat of your car, we will show you how to find privacy in cities and small towns.


How to Choose the Best Place if You Live in a City?

Picking a private spot when you live in a city can be a bit tricky, especially if you are craving some one-on-one time with your partner. However, not all hope is lost! There are still tons of places that you can sneak off to in order to get some privacy.

Some of the best places in a city for couples to get privacy are places like movie theaters and the backseat of your parked car. However, if you are creative, you can spice things up just about anywhere.

Here are the best places to get some privacy in the city:


  • Elevators
  • Changing rooms
  • A secluded booth at the local cafe
  • A drive-in theater
  • Public parks after dark
  • Hotel rooms


Best Private Places in Small Towns and Villages

If you live in a small town, you might find that there are more opportunities for getting a little alone time in public places. Because small towns often close early and there is not as much nightlife, slipping away to get some privacy after the sun goes down is pretty easy.

Depending on your small town or village, you should have plenty of empty parking lots to choose from. So just park your car and spend some time with your partner enjoying these little stolen moments.

It is easy to get into rural places when you live in a small town, so you might be able to drive a little way out of town and find a nice field or a cozy spot by a lake or river to set up a blanket and spend some time together.


Private Date Ideas

Planning a date night is an excellent way to ensure you get a little privacy, but when you have kids that have to stay home with a sitter, it can make it difficult to get intimate on your date.

That is why these private date ideas are perfect for getting frisky away from home.


  • Pack a picnic and hike out to a secluded spot in your local park.
  • Go see movie midday during the week and enjoy an empty movie theater where you can make out as much as you want.
  • Take a scenic drive and find a secret spot to park for a while.
  • Watch the sunset on the beach and stay until everyone is gone.


Is a Car a Good Idea?

Yes. Hooking up in a car is a great way to get out of the house and have a little privacy. This is also a useful way to have some time to yourself before or after going on a date. Especially if you have kids or you are struggling to find alone time with your partner.

If you are headed home to the kids, and you just cannot keep your hands off of each other, pull over and take a little bit of time to yourselves before calling it a night. Additionally, getting it in a car can be thrilling because of the risk of getting caught.

Whether you are looking to fulfill a fantasy or just need some time away from the kids to enjoy each other, the car is an excellent option for privacy for couples.


Where Shouldn’t You Go if You Want Privacy

Now you know some great places to find privacy as a couple, but where are some places to avoid? It is never a good idea to make out somewhere dirty or dangerous. Examples of this include:


  • Alleys
  • Stadium bathrooms
  • Subways stations
  • Taxis


All of these locations are not the best for getting privacy and can turn a thrilling bit of foreplay into a cringe-worthy experience. Try to avoid using any of these spots for privacy as a couple.


Final Thoughts on Where Can Couples Go For Privacy 

Whether you live in a small town or a city, finding privacy for you and your partner takes a little creativity. Some go-to places, regardless of location, are empty movie theaters, cars, and hotel rooms. But you can easily spice things up in the elevator or changing room.

Wherever you go, it is important to ensure that you and your partner enjoy each other’s company and make memories. So, whether you are chasing a fantasy or just getting away from the kids, finding spots for privacy away from home can be fun.

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