When You’re Not The One For Him

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Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if you and your partner are not connecting or if you’re not meant to be. So how do you know when you’re not the one for him?

Again, it can be difficult to tell, but there are easy ways to determine if your relationship is healthy or headed for disaster.

Everyone goes through difficult times in their relationships, so it can be hard to tell if there’s a fundamental problem with your relationship or if it’s just a bad week. Below, we’ll help you look at the signs that you’re not the one for him and how to move forward.


How Can You Know for Sure?

There are a few dead giveaways that you and your partner are not suited for each other. Some of the biggest warning signs include:


  • Not enjoying your time together
  • Looking forward to time spent away from your partner
  • Feeling nervous, anxious, or stressed around your partner
  • Worrying about how he feels about you
  • Feeling insecure in your relationship
  • A lack of trust between you and your partner


These are just a few examples of long-lasting problems in a relationship that should be warning signs that you’re not a perfect match. It’s okay to have bad days or to find it hard to connect sometimes.

Even the best relationships have “off” days where they have difficulty connecting, especially if both partners have busy schedules. However, you shouldn’t feel disconnected from your partner when you are together.


How To Deal With it?

The first step to dealing with not being the one for him is to acknowledge that the relationship is failing. This is often the hardest step because it can be life-changing, especially if you live together, have a shared account, or are married.

Remember, giving yourself time to be sad is okay, especially if it is a long-term relationship. But keep in mind that you deserve to be happy, and sometimes relationships just don’t work out.

However, looking at the future and your long-term happiness can help you to move forward.


What Can You Learn From it?

Sometimes, even if you still love the person you’re with, the relationship is unhealthy for both partners. Getting out of an unhealthy relationship after you realize you’re not the one for him can help you and your partner learn to love yourselves again.

Take some time after your breakup to reflect on the things about your relationship that made you feel unloved or like you were not the one for him and set standards for your relationships moving forward. This can help you to avoid the same kind of relationship in the future.


How Long Does it Take to Heal from it?

Healing is a different journey for everyone. It will depend on the depth of the relationship, the length of time spent together, and the amount of life changes you have to make throughout the breakup.

For most couples that have been dating for a while, three to five months is pretty standard for learning how to be yourself again. However, it can take a year and a half or longer to heal after a divorce.

It all depends on your situation and how the breakup is handled. After a big change, like leaving your significant other because you’re not compatible, taking time to focus on yourself is vital.


Things You Need to Avoid Doing

Breakups are hard, especially if you still feel something for your partner. Life is unpredictable, and it’s hard to stick together. Here are some things you should avoid doing during the breakup:


  • Don’t blame yourself. – Realizing your relationship was broken doesn’t make you the bad guy.
  • Try not to dwell on mistakes – We all make mistakes. Own it and move forward. Don’t let it bog you down.
  • Keep interactions with your ex short – It’s okay to be understanding and to listen to your ex, but try to keep interactions short to avoid spiraling into guilt.
  • Don’t talk yourself out of your decision because you are lonely – One of the hardest parts of a breakup is not rebounding because you are lonely. Remember that things end for a reason, and stick to your decision.


Final Thoughts on When You’re Not the One for Him

If you feel disconnected from your partner for weeks or months with no signs of recovery, it may be time to consider that you’re not the one for him. The best thing you can do to deal with this is to assess if it’s a fundamental problem or just a “bad day.”

Deciding to end a poorly matched relationship can be difficult, especially when it requires a lot of life changes, but you deserve to be happy.

Healing is a journey, and it looks different for everyone. So be patient with yourself and realize that it’s not your fault if you’re not the one for him.

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