When Your Boyfriend Goes Out of Town

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Many of us all have that special someone we do things with all the time, right? There’s no doubt that it’s hard when our special person is not around. However, consider it an opportunity to get more in tune with yourself again.

Here we will talk more specifically about your boyfriend going out of town and the feelings of insecurity that may surround that. As well as some things you can do for yourself, because in all reality at the end of the day, we only have ourselves.


How Should You Deal With Your Boyfriend Going Away?

There could be many different reasons your boyfriend is going out of town, and it may be longer than you’d prefer. Either way, it’s okay to feel sad, and it’s okay to miss him. There’s nothing wrong with missing the people we love.

Different ways to deal with it may look like more time to yourself, but taking yourself out on dates is a fun way to distract a mind that may wander. We will discuss this below, so keep reading for more insight.


Why Does it Make You Feel Insecure?

Many of us have never really been alone, or single for that matter. The idea of being alone may make you feel insecure. There’s also a chance that if the relationship already has some trust issues from previous events, there may be some insecurity surrounding the whole thing.

However, this gives you more time to learn about yourself without someone always being present. We will talk more about things you can do to learn more about yourself and feel less insecure about the absence of your partner.


How Can You Trust Him?

Open communication in relationships is essential, especially when you have insecurities about trust. If you are not open with your partner about them leaving, things could build up, resulting in conflict within the relationship.

It’s hard to trust again after going through an event when someone you trusted before let you down over and over again. If you are so worried about your partner’s loyalty, maybe it’s time to second guess the relationship overall.


What Can You Do Meanwhile?

There are plenty of things you can do in the meantime. Below are a few activities you can plan for yourself because you deserve them! It’s vital to become comfortable being alone, even in a relationship.


  • Self-Date Day/Night: Take yourself out on a date around town, trying different restaurants, going to bookstores, or doing other things.
  • Spa Day: Plan a day for yourself or your friends to a local spa for a massage, facials, or even some relaxing time in the sauna.
  • Enjoy Nature: Plan a hike located nearby for yourself, don’t forget to tell someone where you are going if you go alone.
  • Find a New Hobby: There are plenty of different hobbies you can take underway, including knitting, hiking, or even dungeons and dragons if that’s what you are into.


Things You Should Not Do

There are things you should avoid doing when your significant other leaves town without you. Seriously, there are things you need to avoid. Listed below are obsessive stuff you should avoid doing when they go.


  • Call/Text them every second of the day, getting upset when they can’t answer.
  • Do not cheat or not be loyal to your partner when they are gone.
  • Do not pick fights with them when they are gone, which makes the whole experience worse for everyone.


Final Thoughts on Your Boyfriend Going Out of Town

When your boyfriend or significant other goes out of town, find other things to distract yourself. Even better, find something that makes you more independent. When you are close, you might feel insecure for multiple reasons. Whatever the reason – it’s best to try and trust them.

Find hobbies or plan dates to the mall or even the bookstore with yourself, and whatever you do – do not be obsessive. You cannot control things happening, so do not call and text them every second of the day, don’t pick fights, and don’t cheat on them.

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