What Should You Text A Guy You Like

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When staying in contact with someone you are interested in, it can be intimidating to decide how to talk to them. So while being yourself is important, it’s also crucial to respect boundaries and genuine social norms.

Here we will discuss everything you need to know when texting someone you like, specifically how to start the conversation. Or when to text him and what to talk about; we will also discuss what you need to avoid bringing into the conversation. Let’s get started!


How do you Start Texting Him?

Some people text for a reason, while some text to chat back and forth. Before texting him, identify why you’re texting him. If you have a reason, such as asking him out, begin with a casual greeting. Then follow with whatever it might be you ask him.

If you have no specific reason, simply begin with a casual greeting. Then, follow you’re greeting with an engaging question. Such as asking him how his day was or if he has any fun plans for the weekend.


When is the Best Time to Text Him?

Text him during waking hours. You will most likely fail to get a response at or past midnight. It’s also essential to navigate times to text him based on your schedules. Don’t let texting him become a distraction at work or school.

If you know he’s occupied with work or school, refrain from attempting a conversation until later in the day. Or begin the conversation in the morning in order to try to figure out what times work best for him.


Themes You Can Talk About

There are so many different things you can chat about with each other. However, leave raunchy topics out of the conversation. Having intimate chats like so should be done in person unless you are in a relationship with this person.

Listed below are some safe topics to utilize when texting the person you like in order to start a productive conversation. Avoid dry texting; engage with these topics instead of quickly moving on to the next topic after receiving a response.


  • Chat about something you did together or plan on doing together.
  • Ask about goals within their education or career.
  • Discuss each other’s personal morals.
  • Uncover each other’s interests or dislikes and why.


Things you Need to Pay Attention to While Texting

When texting the person you’re interested in, look for ‘dry texting’ cues – these could indicate interest or disinterest in the conversation. Listed below are some examples of what to look out for when identifying ‘dry texting.’



  • One-word responses such as yes, no, ok, or even K.
  • Unexplained long response times.
  • Any texts that do not engage in further conversations.


Also, pay attention to any inappropriate engagements throughout the conversation, such as asking for inappropriate photos – avoid them. Finally, look out for red flags when texting the guy you like. Listed below are some red flags that could indicate gaslighting or narcissism.

Red Flags


  • Does he get upset and defensive when you stop responding right away?
  • Does he ask deeply personal questions too early in the relationship?
  • Does he consistently love to bomb you? Constantly completing you and pushing to hang out with you all the time.
  • Does he lack empathy for you and others?


What Should You Avoid Texting About?

Avoid texting about overly personal things. While the newer generations prefer texting over calling or talking in person, some things should be spoken about face to face. Some of these things include thoughts on where the friendship/relationship might be going in the future.

Avoid intimate topics that go too far or discuss anything sensitive to you or the person you are engaging with. The last thing you’d want to do is make the person you are talking to uncomfortable with you.


Final Thoughts on What you Should Text a Guy you are Interested in

Remember to start light when texting a guy you like, and don’t bring on heavy topics too soon. Also, look out for red flags when texting him, like asking inappropriate questions or asking for inappropriate photos. It’s not worth engaging with.

Discuss engaging topics that create a smooth-flowing conversation. Avoid dry texting, such as non-engaging conversations or one-worded responses. Avoid texting him at times that are not ideal, such as around typical sleeping hours, work, or school hours.


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