What Makes A Man Want To Marry

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Although it varies from person to person, what makes a man want to marry you, is not always complicated. It can be difficult to tell if your partner wants to pop the question and take things to the next step. So, how can you know if he is ready for marriage?

Often, what makes a man want to marry is a feeling of genuine security and love. He may feel like you are the only person he can truly be himself around, or he wants to show you how committed he is to you.

Marriage is an outward display of the depth of a relationship and a vow before friends and family to hold on to each other no matter what. So, when a man is ready for marriage, it can be his way of telling you just how much he loves you.


Can This Happen Overnight?

Marriage is a life-changing decision for both of you. Although there is no set time for a man to decide he wants to marry you, it is unlikely that a decision like that will happen overnight. Most often, men will take anywhere from 6 months to a couple of years to decide.

Some men may have a feeling that you are the one from the first date. However, it can be hard to voice feelings like that early on without scaring your partner. For this reason, it is not unusual for men to wait to start a conversation about marriage.

Another reason deciding to get married does not happen overnight is that some men may be waiting to make sure they are not getting caught up in the “honeymoon” stage of a relationship before making a commitment.


How Can You Know if a Man is Serious About it?

A clear indicator that your man is serious about committing is if he openly discusses the future with you. This can be anything from actively planning the wedding with you to talking about your long-term dreams and goals.

Another way to tell he really wants to marry you is if he starts using more “we” sentences than “me” sentences. This is a huge indicator that you have become a vital part of his decision-making, which is a good sign that marriage is on his mind.


Common Reasons that Make a Man Want to Marry

One of the most common reasons a man will want to marry is that he loves you and wants you to feel secure in your relationship. Additionally, marriage’s security may help him feel more connected to you.

Another reason he may be ready to marry is that he is excited to start his life with you. If the two of you have discussed a family, a major move in the future, or other big life changes, he may want to marry before making those types of changes.

Marriage is a tangible way to put your love into action, and it can be a great way to strengthen your commitment to one another.


How Long Does It Take a Man to Propose?

There is no set timeline for anyone’s relationship, so it is difficult to say how long it takes a man to propose. Some men may be more ready to pop the question, while others are happy to spend years together before tying the knot.

Although it varies, it is not unusual for a man to propose anywhere from six to twelve months into the relationship. However, things may still be fine if you have been together longer and there is no ring in sight. Take time to talk to your partner about the future.


Signs that Show He Does Not Want to Marry

If you feel like your partner does not want to marry you, it can be hard to bring up the subject of marriage. Here are some clear signs that he does not want to marry:


  • He avoids discussing the future
  • He refuses to work on the relationship
  • He talks about not wanting to get married
  • You have not met his family
  • He makes excuses for not proposing
  • He does not treat you or the relationship as important or serious


All of these are pretty clear signs that marriage is not on the table. If you notice any of these characteristics in your partner, it is time to have a serious talk about expectations and where you see your relationship going.


Final Thoughts on What Makes a Man Want to Marry

Although deciding to marry you may not be an overnight decision for your man, it is not uncommon for him to decide that he’s ready to marry you within six to twelve months.

If you notice that he is making you a priority in his life by including you in his decision-making, planning around your schedule, and making sacrifices for you, it is a good indicator that he is ready for commitment.

However, if your partner gets defensive talking about the future, does not want to discuss your relationship, or openly talks about never getting married, it is unlikely that marriage is in your future. Consider having a serious talk with your partner about expectations.

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