Ways To Please Your Wife Emotionally

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There comes a point in time in all relationships where you may experience your partner going through an emotional hardship. While it’s not all up to you to ‘fix’ your partner, surely there are a few things you can do to assist them in feeling back to normal. 

Of course, the best way to know what to do next is to know what your wife or partner’s love language is – but wait, what is a love language?

A love language is a group of several ‘languages’ that each individual person gives to someone they love and can be given to in ways that love is best received for that person. 

These seven languages include gifts, acts of service, quality time, words of affirmation, physical touch, communication, and expression of love and affection. 

Once you find not only your wife or partner’s love language but yours, it helps to know exactly what you can do to please and be emotionally pleased.


What are some ways to please your wife emotionally?

While everyone is different and needs different things to please them emotionally, we’ve listed below a few ideas to try that may help balance emotional pleasure.


  • Participate in your partner’s hobbies
  • Remove any distractions, like cell phones, during conversations in order to get the most out of them. 
  • Be completely honest and transparent with your partner.
  • Compliments!
  • Practice good listening skills
  • Keep social contact as well as physical contact


How can you practice ways that will please your wife emotionally?

We all work on building good habits, like going to the gym or eating healthier. Building habits of good communication and acknowledgment of appreciation is important for any relationship you might have. 

In marriage, we get to a point where we simply forget to display that affection that builds satisfaction emotionally, but that does not mean we are no longer affectionate towards our partner. 

Observation and undivided attention are key to practicing ways to build your wife or your partner’s emotional satisfaction. Compliment your partner often on appearance and mindfulness. 


Are there many ways to please your wife emotionally?

Yes, there are so many different ways to please your wife emotionally, whether they be physical or communicative methods. It is important to keep in mind that everyone is different in their own unique ways, which is probably how you chose to be with your wife or partner in the first place! 

Not every single method will work for absolutely everyone, and some methods may work for some individuals more than others. 

Communicating with your wife or partner is so important because it allows you to grasp a better idea of what they need from you at that moment in time.


What are the best ways to please your wife emotionally?

While there are many different ways to satisfy your wife or partner’s emotional needs and wants, there are a few specific and very important things to try first. Listed below are the best ways to please your wife emotionally.


  1. Deep conversations with undivided attention
  2. Physical affection
  3. Give them space


The behavior you should avoid if you want to please your wife emotionally

If you want to make your wife or partner happy emotionally, you should avoid a lack of communication. If you just don’t talk to your partner and wait for the problem to disappear, it could worsen things. 

Also, avoid criticizing your partner or saying mean and hurtful things. If you want your relationship with this person to be happy, you yourself have to be happy.

If you are not emotionally in a good head space, it’s important to fix that issue with yourself before you help someone else feel okay emotionally. You can’t help someone with a broken leg if you yourself have a broken leg. 


Final thoughts on pleasing your wife emotionally 

Some ways to please your wife or partner emotionally include but are not limited to compliments, honesty, and loyalty. 

Practice skills like communication, transparency and a strong sense of mindfulness to better understand your wife or partner’s emotional needs and wants. 

There are so many different things to try, but it’s best to understand your wife or partner’s love language in order to give them exactly what they need. 

The best ways to satisfy anyone emotionally is to have deep conversations, keep up on physical affection, and most importantly, know when to give them space when they need it. 

Avoid lack of communication and poor attitudes towards your wife or partner if you want them to be happy emotionally. 

Also, know if you need to work on your own emotional satisfaction because if you are feeling down, there’s no way for you to keep your wife or partner from feeling down as well.


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