My Girlfriend Doesn’t Make Enough Money

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“Money makes the world go ’round.” That’s the line you hear everyone say. So what happens if you get into a relationship with someone and they don’t make enough money to support themselves?

In a society with a cost of living crisis, having a girlfriend who relies on your money can be exhausting. It might feel like you’re at your wit’s end, but fortunately, there are ways to help.


How Should You Talk About it?

It’s important to talk about your financial situation before you even get into a relationship, but after COVID, things could have changed. Maybe her job laid her off, and she hasn’t found a new one that pays enough.

An excellent way to start talking about money is to acknowledge that the conversation is weird but understand that it needs to happen anyway. Also, be open to not coming up with a whole convoluted solution during the first time you talk to her.

Be supportive if she’s pursuing her dream of opening a salon and business hasn’t started yet. Ask her if she’d be willing to do more around the house if you pitch in more money for rent. It’s not always about money; it’s about compromise.


How Can You Help Her Earn More?

If you feel like your girlfriend is not making the right choices for jobs, help her out by giving her suggestions.

A receptionist might make more than a fast food worker, which might come with more consistent hours. Think outside the box as well. If she likes kids, maybe she can babysit.

Another thing that could help is starting to clip coupons. I know it can seem tedious, but you could save hundreds of dollars on groceries with the right coupons. It’s not exactly the same as helping her make more, but it will help you save more.


Do You Need to Help Her Find a New Job?

If you got into a relationship and are unwilling to help when she needs it, you may need to rethink what you’re doing. Jobs are hard to come by, especially if you don’t have excellent communication skills or don’t speak the language.

It’s easy to help her get an account on LinkedIn or Indeed. Websites like those provide an endless list of jobs for her to look through, making it easy to apply. Employers may also reach out to her if you help her create an amazing resume.


Things You Need to Avoid Saying

When bringing up the topic of money, there are some things you should avoid saying if you’re not looking to start an argument. But, first, remember to be mindful of what she might be going through. COVID was a time when we all worried about what would happen.

Don’t come into the conversation screaming and blaming her for not making enough money. Instead, calmly explain that money is stressing you out and that you want to create a financial plan for both of you.

Also, don’t give her an ultimatum and make her figure it out herself. Getting a better-paying job is already stressful enough without the idea that you will kick her out if she fails.


Is that a Reason to Break Up?

It depends on what stage you’re at in the relationship. Have you already had multiple conversations with her and still have made no progress? Have you tried to compromise, but it’s not working out the way you wanted?

Also, consider if you’re ready to let your relationship go because of money. It’s not a bad thing, especially if it seems like she’s not willing to try. Just remember that you must also look out for your well-being. Maybe it is time for a break-up if she’s not worth it.


Final Thoughts on Girlfriend not Making Enough Money

Money is a wild concept; no matter what we do, we can never get away from it. So it’s time to sit and discuss it if you’re struggling because your girlfriend relies on you too much money-wise.

Don’t go into the conversation spouting blame and screaming; talk calmly about how money is stressing you out and that you’d like to devise a financial plan together. For example, if you have to pay more in rent, maybe she could help more around the house.

Getting a new job is stressful, so help her out by suggesting positions for her to take. If that doesn’t work, help her create an account on LinkedIn or Indeed so that she has a never-ending supply of job options at her fingertips.

Finally, if it seems like she’s not worth all the trouble, it might be time to consider breaking up. You have to look out for your well-being; if she’s not there to help, you may be better off alone.


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