Hurt Wife Emotionally, How Can I Fix It?

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The truth is that everyone makes mistakes. We say things at the moment that we don’t mean sometimes. We even do things that hurt the people we love unintentionally. When we hurt our significant others, gaining that trust might be hard. 

Our romantic partners present their most vulnerable parts to us, and it’s so hard to put all your trust into someone just for them to let you down.

So, now that the damage has been done is there anything you can do to fix it? It really depends on how severely you hurt your wife or partner. No matter what the case is, communication is always the most important thing in any relationship. 

Let’s talk about some ways you might be able to fix your relationship with your wife or partner.


How do you fix your relationship if you’ve hurt your wife emotionally?

The first thing we all want to jump to when it comes to issues in our relationships is to talk them out and buy our significant other flowers. 

Talking out our problems is communicating, which is good, but in order to communicate, we all need time to heal and process whatever it might be that hurt us. So give your wife or partner some space to process the damage that has been done and the feelings that follow. 

After you two have spent some time cooling off from the events that have shaken your relationship to its core. Both you and your wife or partner need to consent to a healthy, productive conversation. 

If both of you don’t agree to a conversation – that means that you both haven’t had enough time to process.


How long does it take to fix the damage after emotionally hurting your wife?

There is no timer set for a relationship to be fixed. If you really hurt your significant other, it could take years to regain any sort of trust. If you did something minor, it might take a few days or weeks. 

Everyone is different, and you should never push your significant other into an uncomfortable position just because you want everything to go back to the way it was before you messed up. 

Healing takes time with physical wounds, just as much as it takes time with those mental/emotional wounds.


How do you fix communication after emotionally hurting your wife?

If you’d like to work on your communication with your wife or partner, both of you should agree to a time and a place to meet to talk. During this time, silence your phone or anything that might pose as a distraction. 

While giving each other undivided attention, it’s important to really listen to each other and say exactly how you feel. Apologizing for any mistakes you both might have made is surely important, but it won’t count for anything if you don’t actually make a change in your actions. 


How can you improve listening after emotionally hurting your wife?

One way you can improve your listening is to put yourself in your wife or partner’s shoes. How would you feel if they did that to you? By doing this, you are acknowledging that your actions were wrong, and you are practicing how to sympathize with others. 

Just because you think it was okay doesn’t mean that it was okay for your wife or partner. 

While every situation is unique in its own way, the best thing you can do is improve your listening skills. Ask them questions if you need clarity. It’s better to ask questions if you are confused rather than just make assumptions and move on.


Who can help you fix the problem after emotionally hurting your wife?

If you and your partner are having a hard time fixing the issue within your relationship and are also having difficulty communicating. Plenty of couples/marriage therapists are ready to help you. 

These therapists usually take time to listen to both you and your wife or partner, and once the personal issues have been identified, you two will then come together for a session. 

The therapist will serve as a mediator during the session and will help guide the conversation into a healthy and productive step toward fixing your relationship issues. 

Although it may come with a price tag, it’s a great way to fix your relationship and strengthen it.


Final thoughts on how to fix the relationship after emotionally hurting your wife

If the damage is severe, you can best mend and heal your relationship with your significant other through couples or marriage therapy. A variety of professionals help people through therapy, whether it be an addiction, marriage, or many other topics. 

There’s no timer on when your relationship will be healed, but there will be progress if you put your time and effort into that person, regardless of how long it takes. Communication is most important, and to improve those skills. 

It’s worth giving each other your undivided attention. That could look something like putting away any distractions (ex., Cell phones) during any conversations with each other.


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