Affirmations For Your Girlfriend – Building Her Up Enhances Your Relationship

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Man kissing on his girlfriend's forehead - Affirmations For Your Girlfriend – Building Her Up Enhances Your Relationship

First, let’s talk about what affirmations are exactly. Affirmations are considered to be a practice utilized by the newer generations in order to practice positivity. By fostering these statements, one can find more motivation to achieve personal goals. 

They typically come in 5 different forms: inspirational, personal goals, compliments, gratitude, and change. 

While all of these are good forms, you should know your place in which ones you could be saying to your girlfriend or significant other. 

So let’s talk more about what kind of affirmations are acceptable to others, how often we should say them, and when you should repeat these affirmations.


What sort of affirmations should you tell your girlfriend?

Affirmations are personal and should be used strategically in order to encourage your girlfriend or significant other. First, identify what kind of affirmations your girlfriend or partner needs to hear the most. 

Do they make a change in their life? Do they have a personal goal? Or do they just need to be showered in inspiration and compliments? 

Listed below are all the types of affirmations and some good examples to go along with each to get a better idea of what you are trying to identify: 



‘My growth is a continuous process.’


Personal Goals

‘I trust in my ability to achieve anything I undertake.’



‘I admire how deeply you feel.’



‘I am grateful for the lessons today taught me, so I am stronger tomorrow.’



‘I am growing, learning, and forgiving.’


How do you choose affirmations to say to your girlfriend?

Choose affirmations that you know will benefit them if they are not undergoing any change or will not benefit from anything inspirational – avoid those kinds of affirmations. The key to affirmations is to use them in a way where they can relate to your partner’s life the most. 

However, if they are the kind of person that doesn’t like compliments due to insecurities, then it might be ideal to ease into those compliment affirmations.


Is there such a thing as too many affirmations for your girlfriend?

We all love affirmations, but they shouldn’t be the only thing you should be telling your girlfriend or partner all the time. Keep it around 1-2 affirmations a day, and don’t just tell them the affirmation – make sure they believe in it and tell themselves that too. 

The important thing to know about affirmations is that they are mainly made for those ‘I’ statements. 


Are there any affirmations that your girlfriend probably won’t like?

Yes, probably. As said before, if your girlfriend or partner is insecure about their body, mental health, or something they are going through – it might be hard for them to hear any affirmations at first. 

Some may not even like them at all, but the real question to ask is, are they just not into affirmations? Or do they have underlying insecurities that make them want to believe all of the negative things they might be telling themselves?


How do you start telling positive affirmations to your girlfriend?

Start by easing into them, don’t bombard them with affirmations. Start with one a day or every two days, don’t just say them – make sure your partner repeats them to themselves also. 

This will help them boost their confidence more independently and not be so reliant on you to boost their confidence. While relationships are great, independence is very important for both parties in the relationship.


When is a great time to say affirmations to your girlfriend?

The perfect time to tell your girlfriend or partner these affirmations is during any low points in their life or their day. If they are having a bad day, this is the perfect time to tell her some affirmations with themes of change and growth. 

If you’d like to stay consistent with telling your partner affirmations, do it first thing in the morning every morning – it’s a great way to begin the day and raise confidence.


Final thoughts on affirmations for your girlfriend

Tell your girlfriend or significant other affirmations that they might need to hear the most, have an open conversation with them about what kind of confidence boosters they might need. 

Then use that information to choose the best affirmations for them from the five different categories of affirmations. If you are telling your partner affirmations to a point where they are seemingly annoyed, it might be time to take a step back to just one a day. 

Your partner might not like affirmations that they do not believe in; for example, compliment affirmations might be tough for those who have insecurities. 

Instead, ease into affirmations at a time when they might be having a bad day or a tough time mentally, and affirmations are needed most when hard times arise.


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