Will You Find the Right Person?

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Dating can be very frustrating and sometimes challenging. This is because most of us are out dating and living our lives looking to find that one special person that completes us.

We’ve been told through songs, stories, and movies that there is one right person for everyone in the world.

That one right person is your soulmate, and they are intended to complete you. The truth is you will, if you are out there searching for that special someone, find them eventually. But oftentimes, the way to do that is to concentrate on yourself and just live your life.

In this quick article, we’re going to take a look at answering the question: is it possible to find the right person?

Along with this, we’ll look at how to do that and potential reasons why you haven’t found your special someone yet. So, if you’re on the hunt for your other half, keep reading!


Why Is It So Hard to Find the Right Person?

Two things could make it challenging to find the right person. Your standards are the first and probably the biggest culprit hindering you from finding the right person.

Standards in and of themselves are not bad, but sometimes, like our goals, we tend to set those standards very high.

Also, with these standards, if an individual we meet, even if we like them, doesn’t meet every single one of them, oftentimes, we deem them as not a good fit. This is potentially eliminating a ton of people that could be the one.

Along these lines, our standards are sometimes set to reflect what others expect from our person.

In the end, society, culture, and family sometimes craft these standards, and though we may not truly believe in them, we must keep them. The second reason you may find it hard to find the right person is that you don’t know yourself.

If you don’t know yourself or love yourself, no one else will meet those standards or fulfill you.

So looking for someone else, even if it is supposed to be that special someone that fills the holes that you have in your self-image of yourself, is never gonna lead you to the right person.


How Do You Know If You’re Falling for the Right Person?

Even if you are dating someone, how do you know if you’re falling for the right person? There are a lot of emotions that are mixed up even in a simple relationship.

Of course, that’s not the end game. But here are some ways that you can potentially see that you’re falling for the right person:


  • It takes you by surprise.
  • There’s an automatic sense of safety and comfortability.
  • You’re perpetually happy.
  • Find yourself feeling more adult-like while still feeling childlike as well.
  • There’s a sense of feeling appreciated.
  • You feel comfortable truly being yourself.
  • The connection brings you to hope for the future.


How Do You Find the Right Person for You?

Finding the right person can be tricky. After all, there are hormones and emotions involved. Sometimes these two things don’t always help you figure it out. Sometimes they can steer you in all the wrong directions.

So if you want to find the right person, we have a few pieces of advice that might help. Here are three main things that will help you find that special someone:


  • Focus on yourself. Instead of worrying about finding love outside, focus on loving yourself. Doing this will make you the best version of yourself and naturally attract the right people into your life.
  • Be very open with yourself and the people you are dating about what you are looking for and your needs. You will never find the right person if you always bend to their whims and compromise with what you want.
  • Maintain your standards. This doesn’t mean that those standards can’t change but know the ones that are deal breakers. Having these set in stone and being open about them will keep you on the right track.


How Long Does it Take to See If It’s the Right Person?

The truth is it can hit you like a lightning bolt instantaneously, or it may take months or even years for you to be completely confident that the person you are in a relationship with is the right person. It depends on you, the person, and the relationship itself.

However, some studies have shown that, on average, most people know if this is the right person for them and the person they intend to be with for the rest of their life within about six months. So if you are looking for the right person but you’re still unsure, take your time.

But be realistic because maybe you are still on the fence because something is telling you that they are not the right one for you.


Why Haven’t You Found Them Yet?

Looking for the right person can be frustrating and exhausting. Especially if you struggle with connections and finding them.

But there may be some things you can consider that could potentially turn this around. Here are a few reasons why you may not have found the right person yet:


  • You are not the person that you want to attract. Oftentimes though, opposites may attract as minds attract as well.


If you’re looking for someone who is respectful, loyal, and self-confident and you are not that person, those individuals may not gravitate towards you.

So taking time to work on yourself and build your self-confidence and find out who you are could be the key to unlocking the potential for you to find the right person.


  • Another factor may be that you don’t believe that there is someone out there for you. Many people believe that what you put out into the world is what you get back.


Therefore if you don’t believe that they exist, then you’re never going to be able to find them.


  • Lastly, your expectations and standards may be built around what other people have told you to want. Having this may mean that you’re spending time dating the wrong people.


You have to know what you want and what you think the right person is for you. Once you have that locked down, you’ll be able to move away from focusing on the wrong people and open yourself up to the right person.


Final Thoughts Finding the Right Person 

Finding that special someone can change your life in ways you would never even imagine. So being patient and really diving into what you truly want from this special someone is key in ensuring that you achieve that happily ever after that many of us are looking for.