Why Soulmates Don’t Exist

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How many of us are on a constant hunt for that one true love?! That person who is meant to complete us that we often call our soul mate.

But sometimes, it takes quite a while. You may be wondering if there are those out there that believe that soulmates are real, and some believe they don’t exist.

This concept is something that many people gravitate towards, and they hunt for that one true love. But some scientific proof also shows that soul mates are not real.

On top of that, the individuals that talk about soulmates not existing focus on the fact that mammals are not traditionally monogamous, as well as the intensity and instantaneous love, which can’t be possible because it takes time to build relationships.

So let’s take a look at why soulmates don’t exist in the hopes that clarifying some of the ideas behind this concept could help you relieve some of that stress and anxiety we all have as we all eagerly wait for our other half to make themselves known.


Why Do People Not Believe in Soulmates?

Soul mates are a romantic idea that many people gravitate towards and hope that they find that perfect someone that they can spend the rest of their life with, period.

But there are also those people that don’t believe in soulmates at all and many of the reasons they don’t are quite logical. Here are some of the most common reasons why some people don’t believe in soulmates:


  • There is no perfect person in the world. Everyone has flaws and individual issues, so the perfect person for you doesn’t exist because there is no perfect person.
  • Relationships often take a lot of time and work. The idea of two people meeting that is instantaneously perfect for each other doesn’t seem logical.
  • We’ve been fed fairy tale ideas of the Prince Charming or that perfect Princess waiting for us in the high tower for our entire lives. But the truth is that life is messy, and nothing is a fairy tale.
  • There are a lot of people out there in the world. The idea that one person in millions and billions of people is the only one for you seems a little unrealistic.
  • Humans can love more than one person in their entire lifetime. Limiting yourself to that perfect individual could cause you stress, anxiety, and unhappiness.


Reasons Why Soulmates Don’t Exist

We looked at some of the philosophical reasons why people may not believe in soul mates above. There are also some scientific ones or science-based ideas that could potentially be reasons why soul mates don’t exist. Here are some of those reasons:


  • Many psychiatrists talk about the idea of romantic destiny. This idea can put a lot of undue pressure on relationships and eventually cause stress and anxiety that could break relationships. So no matter how strong the relationship is, these expectations could potentially cause problems in the end.
  • Another study in this realm shows that you may be stifled if you’re not seeking self-fulfillment. In other words, if you’re looking for someone to be completely happy.
  • Monogamy in the mammal world is very rare. Only some birds are monogamous, and it is also said to be ideal in the mammal and animal world to keep offspring safe. This means humans aren’t necessarily designed to be monogamous.


These are just a couple of the reasons why so many ads don’t exist.

However, you also have to really consider the fact that there is no perfect person, and an intense desire, like many people experience when meeting their soulmates, could potentially cause psychological problems.

On top of that, relationships take time to develop, and there are plenty of other options out there. So understanding this, you can easily see why many people don’t believe soulmates exist.


Does Believing In Soul Mates Make You Unhappy?

So with that being said, does the concept of soulmates really make you happy? It can actually do some detrimental harm if you solely base everything on this construct.

Expectations can paralyze you in the process of looking for someone to be with, and once you find them, they create so much stress it could end this relationship before you have a chance to build it into something spectacular.

So believing in some ways doesn’t necessarily make you unhappy, but it can cause a lot of stress and anxiety that will blind you from finding love.


Does Science Say We Have Souls?

When thinking about soul mates, you must understand the soul. Science does not recognize that there is a soul in any human or animal. In fact, most science believes that this is more of a philosophical or spiritual belief that helps humans understand life in general.

So no science itself does not believe we have souls. Though some alternative or pseudoscience research projects have looked into biocentrism and the soul as well as energies, it is not a founded idea.


Is It a Good Thing Not to Believe in Soulmates?

The truth is whether it’s good or bad to believe in a soul mate is really a subjective idea. If you’re very logical and focused on building yourself, then the idea of a soulmate becomes a little questionable.

But, on the other hand, for those that are more romantic and philosophical, the idea of a soul becomes a beautiful sentiment that allows you to believe there’s somebody out there for everybody.

In the long run, constantly looking for that one true love or soulmate may keep you from finding some wonderful relationships. You have to look for someone compatible, not someone destined for you.


Final Thoughts on Why Soulmates Don’t Exist 

So whether soul mates exist or not is a personal decision to believe in. Understanding that pinning your hopes on one individual and the limited chance that you’ll meet them in this big wide crazy world could potentially leave you feeling very stressed and anxious.