Why Doesn’t Anyone Want to Marry You?

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Finding someone to love and be with for the rest of your life is challenging, no matter who you are. Even if you are out there in the dating world, you may find it hard to find that special someone that wants to take that relationship to the next level.

Because it is so hard, it may feel that there is just no one out there wanting to marry you. Many reasons may be causing you to have blockades when it comes to this aspect of your romantic life.

Most of which are all ones that you build yourself. Having unrealistic expectations of what your potential significant other should be and not really knowing what you want can build those blockades.

So let’s look at a few reasons you may struggle to find someone to walk down that aisle with. There are many, and we want to give you some tips and other important info that may help you navigate through those trying waters of the romantic world.


Why Does it Happen?

Something is amazing about finding that special someone. It is something most of us strive for our entire lives, and when we finally do, we think we have won the lottery.

So understanding that makes it very understandable why someone who has struggled to find that special someone may feel defeated and wonder why they can’t seem to find someone to live their happily ever after with.

But the truth is there are reasons why this might be happening. Here are a few reasons why you may struggle to find your Mr./Ms. Right:


  • Perfection! Nothing can be perfect, but often we have an idealized picture of our future partner and the relationship. This can cause you to overlook good fits because you are only looking at that idealistic dream in your head.
  • Desperately Seeking Love. If you are finding yourself desperately moving from person to person, looking for love to bring you happiness, you may be sabotaging yourself.


After all, if you rely on a relationship and someone else for your happiness, you may look desperate, which is very unattractive.


  • Unsure of What you Want. You may think you know what you are looking for but do you?


Maybe you find yourself changing your expectations or the qualities you are looking for. If you find yourself doing that, you may end up never finding the right person with you.


Why Some People Can’t Find Anyone to Marry

Marriage to many signifies the culmination of that fairy tale romantic vision they have had their entire life. But you may feel like a failure if you can not achieve this. Why is this happening to you? We are sure that is a question that is prominent in your mind.

There are, of course, many reasons why you may be struggling to find the love of your life. It could be because you are just not comfortable with the process.

If you lack confidence in yourself, you will struggle to find someone because that will come across to those you are dating.

The other main thing that could be causing your struggles is that you are not really in your heart looking for marriage.

So many of us, through social and cultural expectations, think that marriage means that you are committed to someone else. But there are so many other forms of commitment.

So before you keep trying to force something, you need to sit down and decide if marriage is really what you want. Or are you just doing it because it is expected of you?


What Can You Do About it?

If you are looking for marriage because you want to and still are struggling to find that social someone to settle down with, you may wonder if there are ways that you can help the process along. We thought we would give you a few tips that could help you:


  • The very first tip is that you have to get clear on what you want. That means not only from a relationship but also from your partner. Going blind into this adventure will have you getting lost.


Having a good grasp of what you want will give your heart and head will help your relationship GPS find its way to the right person.


  • Often when we start looking for someone, we find ourselves looking in places where we are comfortable.


But if you limit your access to new people and experiences, you may find that you are also limiting your chances of finding your person. So add a little diversity to your adventure.


  • Don’t be something you are not. When we are trying to impress or attract someone, we often try to give them what we think they want.


This does not make an authentic connection possible, and without that authentic connection, there can be no true commitment.


  • It is not only about the other person. You can’t find love if you do not love yourself. Even if you do, that connection will never be as strong as one that allows each person in that relationship to be independent.


Dependence on each other can be taxing, and this could kill a relationship before it ever gets to the marriage stage.


Should You Change Yourself?

The truth is in every relationship, and there will be growth. But growth does not change, and that is where many people struggle.

Changing who you are or what you like for someone else will lead to, as we said above, a very unauthentic connection is not changing.

That doesn’t mean that growing as a person or in a relationship is bad, and it becomes bad when you change things about yourself that are fundamental parts of who you are. So what’s the difference?

Growth is when you change something because you want to. R something that happens gradually over time. Change is when you make alterations in your person or personality because you think it will make that person love you more.

Changing is not good and could potentially leave a very unhappy connection. So change is not the way to help you find that special someone.


What If You Just Haven’t Found the Right Person?

What it could all boil down to is that you just haven’t found the right person. This may be because you are looking in the wrong place or for the wrong reason.

Once you have figured out the hurdles and ways to address them, you will find that the search for your true love will be much easier. So just stay positive and keep trying, and we are sure you will eventually find the right person for you.


Final Thoughts on Why Doesn’t Anyone Want to Marry Me

There are many reasons why you have yet to find that special someone to spend your life with. But just because you haven’t found them yet does not mean they are not out there.

So keep your head up and keep your hope alive. You will find the person that is meant for you when it is time for you to.