Why Do I Cry When My Girlfriend Leaves?

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Man in grey shirt crying - Why Do I Cry When My Girlfriend Leaves?

It’s inevitable in a relationship at some point, and you’re going to spend time separate from each other, period, not necessarily in a negative mass but perhaps for business or a multitude of other reasons. 

When this happens, you may find no matter where you are in your relationship. But it may seem very uncomfortable, especially when you’re just starting.

Maybe when your girlfriend leaves, you begin to cry or feel sad. You may think this is crazy and there’s no reason for it, but there is truth. You may have a nervous attachment style and some abandonment and separation anxiety.

If you’re a guy who suffers from this, keep reading, and we’re going to discuss exactly why this happens and some ways to combat this very intense feeling.


Is It Normal To Cry When Significant Other Leaves?

When your significant other leaves, it can bring up many different emotions, whether for a day or a week. Not having the person you’re used to be next to you for any amount of time can leave you with a little sadness. That is perfectly normal.

However, if it’s an intense feeling and leads to crying every time your significant other leaves, some issues need to be addressed. 

For example, you may have an anxious attachment style and have had some past trauma that causes you to stress about what it means for your relationship. 

If this is something that happens all the time, then you should probably seek out some sort of medical advice so that you can overcome this issue. In the end, constant anxiety and stress could lead to other problems, which may eventually affect your relationship.


Is It Normal To Miss Your Girlfriend All the Time?

When looking at your relationship, there is no normal when it comes to the amount of time you spend with your girlfriend. Some relationships will have you spitting the majority of your time with her. During others, you may find that you spend less time together. 

So depending on the time, you typically spend with your girlfriend. 

If it’s something that becomes a consistent issue and you’re not always with them, and you have been previously, of course, you’re going to miss them. It is normal to miss someone that you are with at all times.

Missing someone you love or someone that is always around is normal. But, as we said, it becomes a problem if it affects other aspects of your life and brings you anxiety.


How Do You Cope With Missing Your Partner?

You don’t have to focus on not missing your partner unless it’s something that cripples you, then finding tools to cope with it and handle the issue is vital to you and your relationship.

So here are a few ideas that you can use to help cope with missing your partner: 


  • Instead of focusing on the longing for them to be near you, focus on the love itself.
  • Keep open communications about how you’re feeling. In other words, tell your girlfriend that you miss her and talk about the feelings that come up with that.
  • Keep your mind busy either with hobbies and activities or simply going out and hanging out with friends or family.
  • Give yourself a self-care day. Instead of focusing on the anxiety and stressful feelings of missing your girlfriend, go out and do something nice for yourself.


Why Do You Get Anxiety When Your Girlfriend Leaves?

Several reasons and factors can contribute to you feeling an overwhelming sense of separation anxiety when it comes to your romantic relationships or relationships in general. Things like the following lists are all things that could contribute to this issue:


  • Childhood attachment development
  • Loss or changes in your life
  •  issues within the relationship
  • Codependent relationship


How Do You Get Over Separation Anxiety With Your Girlfriend?

Once you’ve identified what causes the anxiety, you can then begin figuring out ways to cope with it. There are ways you can get over separation anxiety, and by concentrating on this, you may improve your overall relationship for the long haul. 

There is a multitude of different ways, but here are some of the things we think will help you out the most: 


  • Recognize and acknowledge the signs of separation anxiety so you can start to figure out how to address the issue. This can be done by talking to professionals or even close friends and family.
  • Once you’ve identified and recognized that, you can then admit to having separation anxiety and accept it. Sometimes this is the biggest step in letting these situations go and working on accepting the feelings so that you can move through them. 
  • One way to combat separation anxiety is to look at other relationships simply appearing in a certain healthy way. Looking at an interdependent relationship with someone close to you can get something beat into your head by working some of those aspects into your relationship and, hopefully, separation anxiety, if not eliminate it altogether.
  • Try mindfulness exercises like yoga or meditation. People talking about these practices all focus on clearing your mind and allowing you to effectively accept and work through any type of issue.


Final Thoughts on Why Do I Cry When My Girlfriend Leaves

It is normal to cry and miss someone you love when they’re not near you. However, if it’s something that happens all the time and for simple separations like them simply going to work, then this becomes an issue. 

If this feeling affects other aspects of your life and mental health, you must address it. We hope that we have given you some good tips and ideas so that you can work on your separation anxiety and find a way of having a much healthier reaction to this separation.