Why Do I Always Disagree With My Spouse?

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Disagreements are going to happen in any relationship. That is just a natural order of things. However, if you’re always disagreeing with your spouse, it may be a sign that some issues need to be addressed.

Relationships are naturally hard because two different individuals are coming together as one, so there are bound to be some differences.

That being said, these fundamental differences in your personalities and your expectations and needs can cause some friction. That, however, does not mean that the relationship is doomed for failure.

In fact, it is quite the opposite as long as you acknowledge the differences and create an understanding around them. In this quick guide, we’ll look at how to do that and several other key points of consideration when it comes to always disagreeing with your spouse.


Is This Common?

Arguments and disagreements are a part of any relationship, whether that is an intimate one or a platonic one.

After all, relationships are the merchant individuals coming together. No two people have the same opinion on everything, and because of this and differences in personalities, arguments and disagreements crop up.

The truth is even frequent disagreements or continual disagreements with your significant other are something that is going to happen. That being said, consistency can mean that underlying problems need to be addressed.

If this is the case and you consistently disagree with your spouse, then it might be time to either sit down and have a hard conversation and open dialogue or seek out professional guidance.


What Does It Mean?

There are many reasons why you may find yourself disagreeing with your spouse regularly. Not only the things we’ve talked about with the differences in personality, expectations, and needs but also because of past traumas and issues within the current relationship.

Constantly disagreeing with your spouse is not in and of itself a bad thing. However, how you handle it and the ramifications of those disagreements can be.

If, for instance, the disagreements come from unresolved issues within the relationship or past trauma, they can mount up until the issue seems insurmountable. If that is the case, the next question may well be, can you fix it?


How Can You Fix It?

As we’ve said before, if there are constant disagreements in a relationship, that doesn’t mean that it’s time to pack up your things and move on.

There is still love and affection. There are many things you can do to fix this issue. Here are some of the ways that couples experts suggest doing this:


  • address the issues
  • actively listen
  • be empathetic
  • stay respectful
  • look for resolutions


Things That Can Help You In Resolving Conflict

Arguments and disagreements are inevitable. As we’ve said, one of the best things to do is have a great conflict resolution strategy.

This doesn’t have to be something that’s written but something that each of you understands so that when these conflicts arise, you can resolve them quickly without anger and resentment.

That being said, creating a conflict resolution strategy can be challenging, and that’s why we have a few tips that might help you do just that:


  • Build an environment that is welcoming to open communication.
  • When dealing with conflicts, maintain a calm attitude even when things begin to get heated.
  • Instead of focusing on the trivial aspects of the disagreement, head straight to the root cause.
  • Make sure that these arguments are not coming about due to a struggle for control of the relationship.
  • Compromise is key in relationships. So finding common ground or a way to compromise in the conflict can resolve it quickly.


What Can Stop Constant Disagreeing?

Constant disagreements can put a strain on a relationship. However, arguments and disagreements are natural if it’s consistent and for the same reason over and over again.

Unfortunately, this can build into a situation that causes stress and anxiety and damages the relationship.

So how can you stop this constant cycle of disagreeing with your spouse? Here are a few ideas:


  • Address the issues at the moment, and don’t let this situation fester.
  • If you are upset, calm down before engaging in dialogue for a few moments.
  • Pay attention to what’s happening in your body and mind. Understanding yourself may help you resolve such disagreements before even talking with your partner.
  • Try to be receptive and not defensive when you begin discussing the issues.
  • Be open and honest with your feelings, wants, and needs.


Final Thoughts on Why You Always Disagree With Your Spouse

Relationships are challenging because there are two individual people in it. This means that arguments and disagreements are bound to happen, but if they’re consistent, you may worry something is wrong.

It doesn’t have to be bad if you disagree all the time as long as you can create an environment where there’s open communication and everyone can share their feelings.

We certainly hope that some of the tips and suggestions we have given you in this article help you resolve these challenging situations.