Why Am I Obsessed With Getting Married?

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Bride and groom sitting together - Why Am I Obsessed With Getting Married?

Some people are simply obsessed with the thought of getting married. Maybe that someone is you. 

Maybe the thought of marriage has been held as a prisoner in your mind because you may have just met the perfect someone, or maybe you’re ready to take the next step in your current relationship.

The questions remain, is this obsession common? Why is it an unhealthy obsession? How can you stop thinking about it so much if it’s taking over your life? 

However, there are ways to keep the thought of marriage from consuming you, especially if you are not even engaged yet.


Is this Common?

It’s common for people who have just gotten engaged to be obsessed with marriage or even those who are ready to take that next step in their relationship. The truth is that everyone has a different scenario, leading everyone to handle different things differently.

If you are not in a relationship or are not engaged, it might be out-of-picture to begin obsessing over marriage unless you have a friend or family member who is planning on tying the knot soon. 


Why Does it Happen?

These thoughts can occur if you are around anything related to marriage often. However, it could also have a deeper meaning. 

The rule of the internet is to not take any serious advice from it, which is why it’s important to take further steps to make your obsession go away outside of the internet.

If you are engaged, it might be worth saying that you totally have a right to be obsessed with marriage right now. You just got engaged and are beginning to plan your wedding. So give into this obsession and enjoy this (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime experience!


Why is This not Good for You?

Having an unhealthy obsession with marriage can be consuming, especially when it interferes with your everyday life activities such as work, school, or other things of importance. 

When obsessions, in general, become unhealthy, not only your mental state but your physical state as well can become rather unhealthy.

There are ways to overcome unhealthy obsessions. While we talk more about how you can overcome it below, it’s also important to note that there are also things you can do to keep yourself busy or distract yourself from obsessive, intrusive thoughts like so.


How Can You Stop It?

You can stop the obsession by connecting to your reality. Are you single? If so, you are not getting married anytime soon. Once you face the reality of whatever your unique situation might contain, there’s a better chance of stopping this obsession.

If you want to stop the obsession, it might be important to consider therapy and what it might be able to do to help you subside these obsessive, intrusive thoughts about marriage. 

In addition, there might be deeper meanings behind what’s going on, which could be important to unravel with a professional therapist.


Should You Keep Yourself Busy so you don’t Think About It?

Keeping yourself occupied is a good way to distract your brain from thinking of your obsession with marriage. Some healthy ways to distract yourself from these intrusive thoughts are listed below.


  • Discover New Hobbies or Passions
  • Explore the World of Podcasts
  • Meet New People
  • Create a Goal and Accomplish it!


Final Thoughts on Why you Might be Obsessed with Marriage

There are plenty of personal reasons why you might be obsessed with marriage, and it could happen for multiple reasons. Everyone is different and has their own unique experiences. With this being said, a marriage obsession could be more common for some than others. 

Keep yourself distracted with healthy habits or routines, or seek out a local professional therapist to unravel some uncovered secrets about this obsession.