When You Find Someone Who Treats You Right

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Throughout everyone’s lifetime, a particular person walks into our lives at the most unexpected time. These people could become lovers, close friends, or even family. Everyone has a different situation and story.

So how can you tell? Is this person someone who treats you right? How do you keep them around and show them gratitude?

How can you return the favor or pass on the kindness you are receiving? Here’s everything you need to know about what to do when you find someone that treats you right.


How Can you Tell?

The first sign to look for when trying to figure out if the person you just met is someone who treats you right, as well as someone you will want to keep around for a long time, is their sense of boundaries.

If this person respects your boundaries, big or small, they are worth keeping around. Someone who offers unconditional kindness will also treat you and others around you right.

We like to think that our best friends will tease us and poke at our insecurities, but this is not the case. Instead, a natural companion will treat you with the utmost respect.


How do you Keep that Someone in Your Life?

Unfortunately, these people treating us right can be hard to kind throughout our lifetime, especially in a world full of negative people. So in order to keep this person in your life, it’s important to reflect their behavior back onto them.

When you give people back the kindness and respect you are receiving, you are also showing them your character.

But, of course, friendships or relationships are a two-way street, so showing gratitude is essential. However, what are some of the best ways to do that?


How do you Show that You are Grateful for it?

The best way to show someone how grateful you are for them treating you right is to understand their love language. Learning this person’s love language can offer you an opportunity to really show this person how fond you are of them and how grateful you are.

Another great way to show them how grateful you are for them is to communicate. Verbally communicate to this person how grateful you are and why you are so appreciative. This will also offer you a chance to open up more.


How Can You Treat Someone Right?

You can treat people around you right by offering them a safe place for open communication without judgment. As well as respecting any boundaries they might be setting or having a hard time setting.

From pet peeves to physical or mental limitations, you should always respect them regardless.

Make plans and spend time with them, engage in conversations and ask them open-ended questions to show them that you want to treat them right. Engaging in healthy communication is vital for healthy, long-lasting relationships or friendships.


Things You Should Not do

Avoid making rude, snarky comments to them during arguments or disagreements. Everyone has different opinions and views unless they are morally incorrect. It’s best to simply agree to disagree. You should also not avoid making time for them.

Friendships and relationships are like plants; they need to be watered and placed in an area with full sun to grow and flourish. With no water and no sunlight, the relationship will not progress into something beautiful like it should.


Final Thoughts on Finding Someone who Treats You Right

When you find someone who treats you right, you can tell by their level of respect as well as if they are respecting any boundaries you have, large or small. Keep them in your life by reflecting their love and behavior onto them.

Show them gratitude by feeding their love language and communicating how grateful you are. Avoid any disrespect towards them, as well as neglect this person. This will result in your relationship or friendship fading until it’s disappeared completely.