What to Text Someone You Just Met?

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Meeting new people can be exciting, but it can also be complicated. Especially if you are deciding to text the person you just met. It’s hard to figure out what could be appropriate topics to text about or if you should even consistently text.

Let’s discuss some things you could text the person you just met about. Including some friendly topics and jokes, as well as what might not be appropriate to text them and how often you should be texting them.


When Should You Text?

There’s not only an appropriate time you should text them but there is also a time period you should wait after first getting their number to text them. First, do not text them at night when they might be trying to sleep or in the morning when they are getting ready for the day.

Text them during the lunch hour of the day, and be sure to wait at least an entire day to text them. You won’t want to be texting them all the time because you don’t want to come off as pushy or annoying.


Things You Could Talk About

There are so many different appropriate conversation starters when it comes to texting someone you just met. Of course, you could stick with the typical ‘how is your day going or ‘what are your plans for tomorrow,’ but those seem dry, don’t they?

Below are fun topics to keep the conversation flowing instead of dry and boring. It’s essential to stay appropriate and leave those one-word texts out of the conversation.


  • Ask them about any good books, games, or hobbies they have been enjoying lately.
  • Engage in any similarities you might discover between the two of you.
  • Discuss any plans you two might be making together, such as having lunch out or a hiking trip.


Should You Make Jokes?

Everyone loves a good joke, especially if it’s a cheesy dad joke. However, it’s vital to utilize the jokes at the right time. Avoiding pulling jokes out of nowhere in the middle of a good-flowing conversation.

It’s also essential to keep the jokes to a minimum, and too many could get repetitive, resulting in those jokes becoming an annoyance. Avoid sarcasm, for it can be hard to identify while texting, resulting in you being rude.


What are the Things You Should Not Say?

Do not be inappropriate. Do not try to ask for nudes or engage in any seductive texts or flirting if you just met the person – it’s too early to attempt those types of conversations.

It’s also essential to avoid oversharing everything about yourself, the person you just met probably doesn’t want to hear about your breakup or your parent’s divorce when you were five. So ensure you are not prying into their personal life either.


How Often Should You Text if You Just Met?

Text them as much as you’d talk to them in person, and if you are texting them more than you’d talk to them when you see them in person, things can get awkward fast. It’s also important not to be texting at inappropriate times.

Unless circumstances are more unique, stick to texting during the day, not too early in the morning or late at night. Avoid texting on significant holidays other than the standard greeting text messages.


Final Thoughts on What to Text Someone You Just Met

There are so many different topics you can text about with someone you just met. Please wait at least a day after you’ve received their number to text them unless they text you first. Keep your replies longer than one word, and discuss hobbies or common interests.

Jokes are a fun way to lighten the mood while you are texting; however, avoid any jokes that can be insulting or discriminating.

Do not be rude or sarcastic over text. Sarcasm is hard to identify over text for some people. Text them during daylight hours, but not too early in the morning.