What to Say When a Guy Says Make Me?

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Man's eyes closed when woman's hand is on his chest - What to Say When a Guy Says Make Me?

A conversation is between two individuals responding to each other quickly, often with comebacks.

There are many situations where having the right comeback can propel the conversation in whole new directions. This is particularly true when you’re dealing with a new romantic relationship.

Some moments can spur flirting when you have a relationship, especially when it’s romantic. For instance, what happens if the conversation guy says something like, ” make me? How do you respond to that to keep the conversation moving in the right direction?

Flirting can be challenging enough, but when you have to come up with witty comebacks, it can be an overwhelming period, so in this quick guide, we’re going to talk about what to say when a guy says make me.

Then, hopefully, we can give you a few good ideas on how to handle the situation!


What Does It Even Mean?

Before you make a comeback, you really have to understand what exactly is meant when the guy says this. It does have to do with the tone that they say it in.

Most of the time, in these situations, it’ll be in a very playful manner. But you have to pay attention to tone. Otherwise, your comeback may be out of context.

Most of the time, this statement is an advance in a flirtatious manner that could be an open invitation to making the next move.

However, it is basically the sign that the person is comfortable around you and enticing you to move on with them. It might be because they’re shy and unable to make the first move or simply because they want to give you consent to do so.


What Should I Reply to Make Me?

Knowing how you want the conversation, and the situation to go is key in ensuring you choose the right comeback. You can utilize many different fun and flirtatious options that would steer the conversation toward a more romantic moment.

Here are a few suggestions that you might want to keep in your back pocket in case you come across a situation where a guy does say this to you:


  • “Don’t tempt me.” This should, of course, be said in a very playful manner.
  • “Make me,” saying it back but mockingly with a funny face might lighten the mood and make it less tense.
  • The other option is to say nothing and just smile at him. This is kind of a playful comeback and very flirty.


How Are You Making a Flirty Reply?

It doesn’t matter how good of comebacks you have if you are unsure of how to flirt properly. So to help you, we thought we’d give you some tips on how to do flirting properly:


  • Even when you’re in a conversation, you’re going to want to have close proximity to them if possible.
  • Body language is also key. So head tilting and giving them good eye contact is all important when it comes to flirting well.
  • Make sure to compliment them. Don’t do this excessively but throw in some praise and little compliments to show them that you’re interested. This oftentimes is a good way to keep the conversation going.


The Best Replies to Make Me

As we said, having the perfect comeback really depends on the situation and whom you are bantering with, period, but there are plenty of great and flirtatious ways to come back to this particular statement.

Here are six of the ones we think could be playful enough to get the conversation moving in the right direction:


  • “Sure, I’d love to!”
  • “Once I have made you, What comes next?”
  • “Sure. I’m good at getting people to do what I want.”
  • “Oh, I can think of plenty of ways to make you….”
  • “That is definitely something I can do.”
  • “Try me. I think you might just like it.”


Comebacks You Should Avoid

When it comes to the wrong comebacks, it is not so much about the words but about the tone and the context. Oftentimes the complex that you should avoid is those that are too familiar or maybe a little out of context.

So the only comeback that you should avoid is the one that doesn’t fit the situation. You have to be able to gauge, and if you’re at this point in your relationship where you’re making flirty comebacks, then you should be able to gauge what is going to be received well.


Final Thoughts on What to Say When a Guy Says Make Me

So if you’re in a situation where the guy in the conversation says, “make me,” now you have the ability to come back with a flirty comeback.

Of course, it must be well-timed and be accompanied by body language and tone, but if done properly, a flirty comeback could potentially move the conversation in the right direction and lead to an even better connection.