What Kills Love in a Relationship?

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Love is very fragile, and many external and internal situations can affect it. In the end, relationships go through a ton of different levels, and nothing ever stays the same. But a strong relationship can overcome a lot of those challenges.

But if there is a lack of desire to overcome these challenges, love will die. Though this is not the only thing that can affect love and kill it in a relationship, it is the biggest thing and most important factor that impacts any relationship.

So if you are struggling in your relationship and afraid that things are going the wrong way, make sure to keep reading because we’re going to go over some very important information.

We certainly hope that by going through this information, you can come up with a solution, and that solution will help you rekindle the flames of your love or, at the least, be able to figure out what will make you happy again.


How Does It Happen?

It seems so all when you first fall in love, and it never ends. But the truth is, with every relationship, there are ebbs, flows, and things that can always derail it. That being said, trying to accept that the love has died can be quite hard.

Understanding the causes that could contribute to this may just help you navigate around that obstacle and be able to give your love a little CPR. Here are some of the things that can cause your love to die:


  • Maybe one of the biggest hurdles is unrealistic expectations. Unrealistic expectations set you up for failure because they put everything on a pedestal, and then if things don’t reach that, you get disappointed.


This, in the end, could wind up damaging the relationship.


  • A lack of trust can kill the relationship. That means that there is something that has happened where you have felt betrayed, that love and feeling are going to be lessened, and it’s going to be harder for you to continue.
  • Fear can kill anything. If you fear losing your partner or are afraid of commitment, this can, in the end, affect your deep feelings for one another.
  • Another factor that could create a situation where love dies easily is stagnancy, like with anything not having any room for growth or growing together and potentially damaging the deep at the beginning of a relationship.


Is This Common?

No one wants to think that their great love can end, but it is more common than you think. So is love dying common? Yes! It happens when certain factors, either external or internal, interfere with the composition of the relationship and the feelings within it.

After all, you are putting two people together and expecting them to stay in love for the rest of their lives.

This is not an easy feat; it takes work to maintain love. However, if these extenuating circumstances are big enough and impactful enough, they can alter the love.

Though it is not an inevitability in every relationship, it is actually, as we’ve said, quite a common occurrence, unfortunately.


What Is the No.1 Killer For a Relationship?

Those are a lot of factors that affect our relationship and, in essence, kill the love that is there is one that stands out above all others. This is the root cause of 99% of the issues within relationships. So what is this love killer?

Quite simply a lack of communication. This lack of communication can come in several different ways. But maybe the most impactful is they should have known the mentality that comes along with it.

In other words, one partner thinks the other should know what they’re thinking and feeling, and instead of communicating it, they just go with the flow.

This, of course, creates tension because the truth is that yes, there may be times they know what you’re thinking and feeling, but they don’t know it 100% of the time.

If you are not relaying that to your partner, then the tension will build, and that will cause friction in other areas of the relationship. The more friction there is the more tension there is, and that inevitably can erode the love in any relationship.


Is There a Way to Prevent It From Happening?

So as we’ve said in this article, relationships and keeping the love alive in them takes work. However, if you are dedicated to maintaining the flame in your relationship, you may be able to avoid losing it.

There are plenty of ways to do this, so we thought we’d give you a few tips on preventing love from dying in your relationship. Here are some of the ways we suggest you do this:


  • Keep communication open and honest. By doing this, there’s never a chance that you are going to assume the other person knows what you’re thinking and feeling.


As we said above, one of the number one killers is lack of communication. This is the first thing you need to do to keep love alive.


  • Practice gratitude with each other. People feel taken advantage of or for granted. But if you consistently express your gratitude and do little things to show your partner that you know what they have done for you, this can help keep that love alive.


Odds are, if you do this, your partner will reciprocate, and this will be a continual flow of gratitude and love that keeps that flame alive.

  • Stay active and adventurous. By trying new things together, you can keep the interest alive. Oftentimes the flames that stoke that fire come from being engaged and interested. But if you wind up doing the same thing over and over again, that becomes stagnant, and that is a love killer. So be adventurous, try new things, and explore new avenues.

What are the Signs of the Lack of Love in a Relationship?

So what are the signs you have to look for? There are plenty of signs, just like with everything, indicators that there is a lack of love or that the love is starting to dissipate. Here are a few signs that we think you should look out for:

  • You don’t want to spend time together.
  • You find yourself dwelling on arguments continually.
  • Others begin to catch your eye in a significant way.
  • Constant criticism is prominent in the relationship.

Final Thoughts on What Kills Love in a Relationship

Love is a precious gift; many feel like it is forever when they first get into a relationship. Unfortunately, the truth is that love can die like with everything else. But just because it can doesn’t mean it has to, so we hope that our tips in this article help you determine what’s going on in your relationship.