What Does Love Feel Like In a Long-Term Relationship?

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Love is something almost everybody seeks in life. This is because romantic love has been, shall we say, romanticized in cultures across the globe for centuries. But many of us struggle to understand what love feels like, especially when it becomes a long-term relationship.

Like everything else, love changes over time, making those feelings difficult to understand. Likewise, love changes and evolves over time. So the way that love feels at the beginning of a relationship is not going to be the same per se as that of a long-term relationship.

Oftentimes in long-term relationships, love feels like trust and companionship, and lustful passion tends to fall off when you are with someone for a long time.

This, of course, is not the case with every relationship, but on average, love in a long-term relationship turns into familiarity and friendship.

This may still be a very broad understanding of what love feels like in a long-term relationship.

We want to take a deep dive because it’s important to realize that some of those feelings may be having in long-term relationships or not having it doesn’t mean that the relationship is over.


How Do You Know You’re In Love In a Long-Term Relationship?

Love goes through a lot of changes over time. Love grows and evolves with the individuals in the relationship. So that means if you’re in a long-term relationship, love will look different the further you go into that relationship.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, and unfortunately, when people start to feel that change and love, they automatically start to feel like they are in trouble.

If you want to know what love and a long-term relationship look like, here are a few things that are surefire signs that is what is going on:


  • You still feel like yourself with them. A lot of us, without even realizing it when we first started a relationship, squirrel away things that we think might cause the other to shy away.


But as you become more and more comfortable with the partner of your choosing, you’re able to be yourself completely. When you’re able, love is present.


  • Anger doesn’t change your love. Anger is a very powerful emotion, and a lot of the time feels about people, especially if it’s from a huge argument.


In long-term relationships, slowness often shows up to allow these invasive feelings to change the way you feel about the other person. In other words, you become more empathetic and sympathetic.


  • No grudges are held. Sometimes in relationships, grudges are held when there are arguments, and things go wrong.


But in a long-term relationship where there is love, the arguments, and situations are handled at the moment and then forgotten soon after.


  • There is a lot of laughter and communication. Laughter and communication are key in any relationship.


Sometimes the physical intimacy may lapse, but the emotional and mental intimacy that comes with laughter and open communication is still very present.


Is It Normal to Feel Less Love In a Long-Term Relationship?

Love changes over time, and so many people often have this feeling of having less love for their partner.

The truth is that it may not be the fact you love them less. You may just love them differently. That being said, it is perfectly normal for your relationship to be at times when you may feel less love than you felt before.

If, however, that feeling is consistent and sticks with you, there may be signs that there are some issues. In this case, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the love is over. It just means that there has to be some work.

For example, it could be because of relationship stagnancy and lack of communication. Either way, it goes ebbs and flows, and the intensity of the love, especially over a long time, is perfectly normal.


How to Tell If You Love Your Partner Or If You’re Just Attached?

Maybe if you were having reduced feelings of your love for your partner, you might be wondering if the love is gone and you’re simply holding on because you’re attached.

This can be something that happens because, as humans, when we become familiar with something, it ingrains itself in our lives, and it’s hard to separate ourselves from it.

In this case, it’s best to know what some signs are that you’re attached as opposed to in love And so here are a few of those:


  • If you find yourself caring more about your needs than others, you’ve become a little selfish. Love tends to be more selfless, and if this is the case, then perhaps you are simply attached to your partner.
  • Is there a lack of trust? If you don’t trust the other individual most often, it could be a sign that you’re simply attached and also heard shouting as opposed to love.


That is, as long as there have not been any events in the relationship that could cause you to question the loyalty of your partner.


  • Are you forcing things continually? When you’re in love, everything happens mutually, for the most part. However, attachment creates a need for you to force things to go the way you want them to go.


What Are the Signs If You’re Not In Love?

Understanding whether you’re still in love is key to figuring out the next step in any relationship. However, it becomes even more challenging when you put time and effort in because you don’t want to feel like you have wasted your time.

That means understanding the telltale signs that you are no longer in love is key. There are many different signs. Here are just a few:


  • You don’t worry as much. If you find yourself not worried about them or care what’s going on in their life, this is definitely a sign that the love has left.
  • Sorry about that. If you find yourself always comparing them to others, it could be a sign that the love is no longer there. Of course, it could also be just that you’re a little dissatisfied, and this can be solved with some open communication.
  • We all think about the future, and if you happen to be thinking of the future and don’t see your partner in it, that is a sign that something is wrong.


Does that necessarily mean that there is no love? No, but it is a good indication that either the love has left or the love has dissipated significantly.


How Can You Make Sure You’re Still In Love?

Knowing whether you’re in love is hard because everyone is different. But some key things are always present that you can look for to ensure that you are still in love with the person you have spent so much time with.

Among these signs are:


  • You can still talk about anything and everything together.
  • There is still an intense sexual attraction, but sex isn’t everything. E-mail
  • You still care about what they’re interested in and how they feel.
  • Even after a major disagreement, your relationship is still strong.


Final Thoughts on What Does Love Feel Like In a Long-Term Relationship

Long-term relationships are challenging because the feelings and relationship itself change over time. But just because things change doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad.

Knowing the signs and how to handle them can help you maintain a healthy relationship.

We hope that all the information we have relayed helps you determine the next step in your long-term relationship.