Separation Anxiety In Long Distance Relationships

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Worried girl lying on a bed - Separation Anxiety In Long Distance Relationships.

Anxiety is, unfortunately, a more common generalized disorder amongst many people and is likely to indicate other underlying problems when it becomes more intense over time. Separation anxiety, specifically, can be tough when it comes to long-distance relationships.

Let’s talk about separation anxiety, specifically within long-distance relationships. Including if it’s normal, how long it will last, how to suppress it, and how to work on it in order to improve yourself.


Is this Normal?

Separation anxiety is normal for younger children, depending on the attachment style some children have with their parents. However, it can also affect adults just as much. If you have become super attached to your significant other, it’s important to be open with them about it.

Everyone’s situation is different, and it’s important to ask yourself if separation anxiety is a repeating pattern for you within your life and relationships. It might be worth seeking further help through therapy if it is a recurring pattern.


How Long Does It Last?

While separation anxiety lasts a shorter amount of time for younger kids, it may last longer for adults. The person who is experiencing separation anxiety with their significant other is likely to continue experiencing it until their significant other is around.

If not dealt with, separation anxiety could be something one could suffer through during an entire lifetime with different people or even the same individual. This is why it’s vital to fully acknowledge the separation anxiety and seek professional help.


Can you Get Rid of it?

Therapy has become a routine practice for many people during this time, which is good because it’s healthy to do so. However, you can get rid of or significantly reduce your separation anxiety by seeking help from a therapist specializing in that field.

Many people think just showing up to therapy will cure them of all their problems, but this is not true. Instead, you have to take the advice you are given in therapy and apply it to your everyday life.


How Do You Work on it?

Considering everyone’s separation anxiety is unique to them, it’s essential to keep in mind that the things that will help you work on it will be different compared to others. This is why it’s crucial to find a one-on-one therapist.

Finding yourself a one-on-one therapist will help by creating a plan tailored to your specific issues. Here you will find guided practices that can assist you in diluting your separation anxiety little by little.


Does it Get Easier With time?

It will get easier with time if you are consistently trying to help yourself and your anxiety better. However, you cannot neglect and suppress these issues because they will continue to grow and become unbearable if you do.

Taking advice from the people that support you is so important, and learning to be okay with being alone is also essential. Relationships do not work out if one individual is 100% relying on their partner.


Final Thoughts on Separation Anxiety in Long-Distance Relationships

Separation anxiety can be normal for those who suffer from a generalized anxiety disorder, and if not treated, it could last a lifetime. Therefore, it’s important to work on it through professional help such as therapy.

Therapy will help you at the moment and give you the tools you need to keep living your life without allowing this separation anxiety to completely consume you.