How to Stop Attracting Toxic Partners?

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Have you found yourself constantly having to struggle in relationships because you seem to find toxic individuals? If you have, you are probably wondering how you always seem to find these and bring them into your life.

It can be very tiresome always dealing with toxic partners, so finding ways to meet nice and normal people that mesh with your expectations, personality, and needs can be crucial.

Stopping attracting toxic partners has to do with really taking a hard look at why you were attracted to them in the first place.

Oftentimes we are drawn to individuals that remind us of past partners or relationships. Unfortunately, that means that to stop attracting these people, you must address the root causes and issues created by these past traumatic relationships.

That may sound super simple when said, but we all know that that is a challenging thing to do. Millions of people try to do this every year and have been doing so for years on end, and still have yet to get down to the crux of the root causes and address them.

But in this article, we’re going to try to give you some information so that you can either continue the process of figuring out how to stop attracting these negative individuals into your life or start that process altogether.


How Can You Meet a Normal Person?

The truth is that you’re gonna meet normal people in the same places that you’re potentially gonna meet toxic partners as well.

There are some situations, though, that you can utilize in order to have more time to determine whether that individual is a toxic person or a normal person.

So here are a few places where we think you might be able to get to know someone more in a constructive way:


  • Social groups/activities – oftentimes, these social groups are activities centered around something you’re interested in. This means you’re naturally gonna find people with common interests, which could lead you to find a better fit for your needs.
  • Local happy hours/events – happy hours can be a hit-or-miss situation when looking for normal people and trying to stay clear of toxic individuals. They are still a great way to meet people in your local neighborhood.


This can, in turn, lead you to be invited to other events where you can find and take your time finding someone special.


  • Friend’s birthdays/parties – having friends in common with someone that you potentially are looking to build a partnership with is always a good thing, period.


If you tend to like the same people and run in the same social circles, you most likely have some of the same interests. Along with this, you can also get your friend’s opinions on these individuals before entering into a serious partnership.


Which Places Do You Need to Avoid?

Though you can meet toxic people anywhere, there are some environments where it is more likely to happen. For example, where there are illegal or mind-altering substances can be places where toxic people gather.

In the end, you can never tell where you’re going to meet a toxic person. You can meet them at work, school, within a friendship circle, or in many other areas.

The key is to really understand the signs and how to tell if a person is toxic, not so much to steer clear of particular environments.


How Can You Instantly Tell If a Person is Toxic?

The truth is that it can be very challenging to know if a person is toxic.

Unfortunately, knowing instantly is very rare, but as long as you know the red flags that indicate a possible toxic individual, you should be able to navigate away from them and begin to avoid bringing them into your life.

Here are some surefire signs that a person could potentially be toxic:


  • constantly needs attention
  • exhibit manipulative behavior
  • likes to play the victim
  • moves fast in relationships
  • exhibits emotional mood swings
  • unable to let go of the past
  • never apologize
  • constantly gaslighting individuals
  • don’t respect boundaries
  • don’t respect your time
  • require you to accommodate them
  • constantly test you


Should You Work On Changing Yourself As Well?

The truth is that if you constantly find yourself tied to a toxic partner, there are reasons behind your finding yourself in that position. It’s not a bad thing to take some time and work on yourself before trying to enter into a new relationship.

By developing boundaries and learning to love yourself, you are more inclined to steer clear of these past mistakes.

Things that you can do to work on yourself are:


  • Build a mind-body practice. This means getting into meditation, journaling, or mindfulness to stay present and understand your feelings and thoughts.
  • Concentrate on your passions. Concentrating on your passions will inevitably put you in situations where you meet others of like mind. This can help you steer clear of toxic partners.
  • Seek out professional help. By really diving deep into the root causes of what attracts you to these toxic individuals, you may be able to address them and build coping mechanisms to help you navigate towards more healthy relationships in the future.


Final Thoughts on How to Stop Attracting Toxic Partners

Finding yourself always attached to toxic individuals can be taxing on your mind, body, and soul. No one wants to be in constant agitation, so finding ways to avoid attracting those toxic individuals into your life can do a wealth of good for your overall well-being.

We hope many tips in this article can help you find a happy and peaceful relationship in the future.