When a guy jokes about marrying you

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There are many individuals who have different senses of humor, and there are many individuals who know how to separate certain types of comedy from various situations.

However, when it comes to topics that may be more serious to you, such as marriage, is it really that funny?

Sometimes there are significant others or even friends out there who joke about things like marriage, sex, and other serious topics. Sometimes it’s funny, and sometimes it can leave you wondering, could this mean something more? So let’s talk about marriage jokes.


What Does it Mean?

Unless you ask the person who made the joke about marrying you, it’s unclear as to what it could mean exactly. Due to the fact that everyone has different intentions, it’s essential to consider the joke from other points of view.

Listed below are a few different things these marriage jokes could mean. However, to get a straight answer, it’s essential to have a direct conversation with the one making the joke.


  • It could mean he’s really into you and may want to marry you. He could be just trying to understand how you might feel about it so he won’t get rejected if he proposes.
  • If you are already married to him, it could mean many other things and should be discussed in person, especially if it was a cruel joke.
  • Or maybe he’s seriously just making a joke with no intentions behind it.


Do you Need to Take it Seriously?

If the joke is something that has deeply bothered you (which we are assuming it is if you are reading this article), you should take it seriously. Your feelings are valid, even if marriage is or is not a sensitive topic for you.

Changing your morals when it comes to things that are important to you is the last thing you’d want to do. However, if you do not have hard feelings toward the joke, it’s best to dismiss it and move on with your life.


Is that Common?

Individuals all have different senses of humor, so it’s crucial to consider the person’s humor style. For example, instead of asking, ‘Is it common?’ – you should ask if it’s normal for that person to joke about things like that.

Many will make side comments about marriage to their significant other, and some of the comments will come off as jokes, so it depends on your unique situation.


Should you Talk About it Seriously?

If you are hurt by it, by all means, you should take it seriously and have a good deep conversation about the joke with the person who composed it. Communication is the most important thing when it comes to any relationship.

Do not let it fester if it’s truly bothering you. Tell him how you feel about it and why. Do you not like it because you really do want to marry him? Or because you don’t want to marry him? Be an open book.


What if you Don’t Like the Joke?

It’s okay not to like jokes. Some of them really can be terrible. You are not the bad guy for not enjoying a joke. However, it would be best if you did not dwell on it. Do not let this consume you. Instead, brush it off and continue your life.

You can either tell him it was a bad joke and move on or sit down and have a deeper conversation about it if you are genuinely bothered by it.


Final Thoughts on What to do when a Guy jokes About Marrying You

When a guy jokes about marrying you, it could mean many different things, mainly because everyone is different when it comes to humor. If it bothers and hurts you, it’s important to take it seriously and tell him exactly how you feel about it and why.

If it’s not a huge bother and you still didn’t enjoy the joke, tell him it was a bad joke and move on with your life. It’s little things like this that we dwell on a majority of our lives instead of just living our best lives.